[How-to] Streaming addon clothes and ped props for mp freemode models

ok i tried that and it doesnt work, i don tknow what it is any other ideas

I’m sorry I thought this was a different thread when I posted last. oof. gtaUtil will give them the appropriate stream names, so what I said before is incorrect.

So if the hoodie is the first item you’re doing as add-on, you name the .ytd model 0, and then in a folder named 0 you put all of its textures and they would be named 0, 1, 2, etc. all the way through 15. Is that how you have it set up?

I currently use this for some models in my server and have no issues like what you’re experiencing.

will this also work on a VPS, because im using a vps to host my fivem server

help ! i succeed stream the helmets. but when i get on the bike the character will put on default helmet. but when i get on the bike wearing EUP helmet the character didnt put on the default helmet. how can i make the character didnt put on default helmet? any way to fix this?

if it really bugs you out i would personally just replace it

He only brings me the folders without the files in the folders. why?

I’m using a gta v from website rockstargames

how about beards ? can not get it working

Is there anyway to addon stream _r models without losing the skin tone function?

hi, my english is bad, sorry for that.
I followed the guide but the clothes still end up in random slots. I want them to be on the last added slots (boots end at 95, so I want to add them to 96 slots), how to do it? I’ve been searching the internet for 2 weeks and can’t find an answer. Help quickly. Thank you

I have successfully added this but for some reason the base GTA hats are only loading like 10 hats. Why are there so many missing options? Also, the addon hats I have put in have a problem with the hair clipping through them.

Can anyone help?

Hi mate, and how can i add new addon clothes but to be like at the end of the streaming clothes in game so it doesnt mess up the existing clothes in game?

How to make “variants” work because how I numbers it is only the first.

I need help, why is the bottom always the same skin tone? How can i fix it ?

Hey there quick question, is there any way to change the DLC?
Instead of using mp_m_freemode_01. I’d like to use mp_m_christmas2018 DLC. Is that possible in any way? Thanks. :slight_smile:

Can someone help? thats when i added a new clothes but when i turn them off its OK.
It bugs other MLO’s textures

How do i know what id my new cloths have?

Thanks this really helped me :smiley:

My issue is that I had FiveM open in the background! Make sure GTA / FiveM is closed!

did you find out?