How to set a custom server loading screen

Hello, I was wodnering how and if possible to set my own loading thumbnail for my server so that its not the plain login screen.
If so please let me know asap im in the process of developing a US based drift server and im in need of setting up this loading/server startup thumbnail

@Halofest2012 Nobody knows!

@Halofest2012 Here you go

@AdvancedShoe ok i got it downloaded im just dumb and dont know how to install it server side…i have my loading screen set itself just dont know how to set it in the server

@Halofest2012 You put the loading screen folder in your resources folder, then you add loadingscreen to the server.bat file.

I have tried so many times to click on the link you left in your comment @Halofest2012, but I keep getting the error 404 not found, and this is a load of Bull*hit because I have not had this problem, anyway you could resend the link or what’s up with that? Any ideas? Cause I’m just as dumb as a white crayon, so I have no idea how to create a loading screen for my server. I know how to install it in my server, just don’t know all the coding that takes place in doing it. Help please?