[How-to] [screenshot-basic] Create image upload server and use it with gcphone

did you solve it?

This is the problem i currently have… how did you fix this?

Please tell me someone knows how i can fix this? i have tried several different screenshot basics and different versions of phone, i get this every time

I know it’s pretty old :slight_smile: Did you found a solution for Zap hosting ?

Sorry did u solve this problem?

Hello toni, did you resolve this problem ? I have the same problem. Thank you

I found, just went on config and set localhost to ip of the server, thx

pls help me

help me…

try this version of screenshot basic it comes with relevant exports etc…

i have the same problem any solution??

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[/quote] tyes please clear explean to us How all

I did your version of the screenshot-basic and my install went mental…