How to retrieve angle coords?

Is there an easy way to do this? I want avoid using scripthook or asi loaders

Uh, what do you mean?

Im trying to change the direction of where the ped is heading, usually there is an angle coord in coordinations x, y, z, a

But Im not sure how I can retrieve this, the lambda mod only gives coords and no angle. any idea?

I think you mean heading.

SetEntityHeading(entity, heading)

Yea, but how do I just where the ped is looking at?

TaskLookAtCoord(entity, x, y, z, duration, p5, p6) ?

Im trying to makea code that lets me extract the direction of where the ped is looking at, just like /pos so that I can use that on peds that I spawn server side. can you help me?

I’m pretty sure this does exactly what you want.

Awesome, thanks! Ill check it out :smiley: