How to put real clothes
hi i have vrp how could i put real clothes on dunko vrp?

You don’t need to use vRP for this. What you need is donate to the Patreon ( and get at least the $15 Tier.

This gives you access to an experimental feature for streaming custom MP clothing. Here is an example resource of how to do that. [Release] EUP for FiveM (SERVER SIDED)

If you do not want to or can’t get the $15 Patreon Tier, you can wait until this feature because public once it’s deemed stable.

thank you very much

It’s EUP. Just install it client side.

I’m patreon 15 now you know how I can activate the function for the colored letters?

just use ^1 - ^9. There’s no function

yes but it does not appear in the server list with color only in direct connection as active this? on my zap hosting server

If the colors show up in direct connect but not the server list, give it a while to update

Of course I am now patreon and should appear on the players list as I do?

so i did client sided eup and idk where to put the clothes