How to put cars mods in FiveReborn?

I have installed this car:
I have put the add-on version in GTA V, and when i try to spawn the added car the trainer says to me “invalid model”, how to do?

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How did you ‘add’ it ?

I use OpenIV, i go to the GTA V folder, update/update.rpf/common/data and i add the string in the dlclist file (as all add-on cars).
I copy 69charger into the dlcpacks folder.

You shouldn’t do it that way - check Tutorials section on the forums. Please do not use OpenIV.

@MistoCraft99 are u trying to do it for server or clientside?

@iago When i open FiveReborn i go to the console and i type: invoke-levelload “map” (i for example “ac”, a Shift 2 map), and i play.

@MistoCraft99 dont use the consol to load maps and there a tut on here to tell u about streaming or adding car client side

Ok thank you. I follow the tutorial , although it is much more difficult than I expected.