How to monetize your fivem server

Is it possible to disable tebex FiveM? he does not want to use this function, but receives a post-examination with a non-complex function.

Thanks for your help if anyone can help

It works ?

? guys ?

I use this command on tebex advip {hexid} {username}
and create a scrip

function advip(_, arg)
    local id = arg[1]
    local nombre = arg[2]
    MySQL.Sync.execute('UPDATE users SET vip = 1 WHERE identifier = @identifier', {['@identifier'] = id})`
RegisterCommand("advip", advip, true)

that must put in log the name and the identifier from the user but log sow this
any idea???

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is there more help or is it already over?

Commerce has been part of FiveM for a long time. Tebex is just the partner for that commerce system everything has worked since day one. You have to code your own resource to use it.

There are plenty of examples here.