How to make if resource is not named how i wanted to script dosen't work

So bascily im working on my script and im going to upload it but i don’t want to someone steal it like they made it so if they like rename it into idk like from original name GS_farmerjob into Lolex_farmerjob then to script can’t work.I want to script to work only when it is named GS_farmerjob thanks who helps!

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Not really the right category for this, but here you go:

assert(GetCurrentResourceName() == "GS_farmerjob", "DONT RENAME MY SCRIPT REEEE")

Put this at the first thing in your code.

However without encryption everyone can simply remove it. So unless this part is escrowed, it is kinda useless.
And this also doesn’t protect against theft (only the law does) unless encrypted.

how can i make 5M to work?

hmm can i make it somehow backdoor?