How to make aircraft engines not turn off when slowing down?

Hey, so I’ve been playing in some flight simulator servers and I noticed that they have a cool feature I like. When flying the airplane, pressing the button ‘S’ to slow down won’t turn off the engines as in story mode or gta online. It just slows down the aircraft. The engine on/off is a separate key. I was wondering, how can I achieve that? To not have my engines turn off when I slow down. It is really annoying to fly and try to slow down and because I press the S button a little bit more, my engines turn off.
Is it a custom script or just a line in the handling.meta file?
If you know how to do this, your help will be much appreciated!

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I am facing the same issue.
Did anyone find the answer?

I am looking for the same type of script

i am searching for this too anyone can help?

Use this native to listen for the engine being turned off (on a per-frame loop) and then use SetVehicleEngineOn to turn it back up after it’s turned off.
Fairly simple.


In my case, I just used SetVehicleEngineOn(); checking whether it was on with GetIsVehicleEngineRunning() did not work correctly.
I also suggest checking if the vehicle model is a plane.

Does anyone know how to solve it or do you have a script?

Yep! here’s the release that fixes this: