How to make a private racing server

Hello everyone!

So basically me and my friends just recently got back into GTA 5 and we started with playing online and just doing player made races. We ran into the problem that progression on GTA 5 Online was slow and we also wanted to use more custom cars with more customization to the cars. So we decided to pickup a FiveM Server from Zap Hosting. Now I haven’t ever messed around with making servers in any other game but Gmod and Minecraft and I never really knew how modding in GTA 5 Worked. So far I learned how to add custom cars to my FiveM server but i’m having a little bit of trouble figure out how to add everything else we wanted.

The Plan (Questions):
So the plan for my server was to have a server where me and my friends can free roam and access shops (Bennys, Clothing Store etc) Buy modded cars from somewhere with set prices, Tune them up with aesthetic and performance mods. Own garages where we store all our cars we’ve bought. Have races either being custom maps downloaded but preferably the player made maps you can find on GTA 5 Online and have set money rewards. Have the ability to turn on and off a drifting mode (Weather it be threw a mod you install on your car or a checkbox in a menu).

Hopefully this is possible and if anyone has any information and or things that would help me achieve the server I want it’ll be must appreciated.

Thank you!

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your answer is most likely any rp server, and if you want a private one just get the plugins and set it up

Hi, @Redin,

this is EXACTLY where I was with few of my friends almost 2 years ago. We have been annoyed by GTA public servers and I’ve decided to take us to FiveM.

I’ve made a purely free roam racing server with some custom cars and it was a blast! Then we wanted to expand it, so I was adding more and more cars. Later, I’ve figured out how to enable tuning on all of them (that support any). I had to do our own Drift script as well, since I couldn’t find any (at least no publicly) and all those little details, that make that beautiful result that my community wanted so bad for so long…

150 (up to 500 planned) cars, semi realistic handling for all of them, whole Nordschleife of Nurburgring… And we decided to go head on for RP lately as well, so full economy system, events, custom businesses, racing clubs, you name it…

But I will stay honest with you, it can be proper pain sometimes. If you really want the very best GTA engine and FiveM can offer for exactly what you’ve described here, you will have to invest hundreds of hours just in the development. It worth it for me, but if someone would tell me back then how much time I will have to put in this, I would probably reconsidered the whole thing :smile: Especially, when I had 0 prior development/coding experience. And it’s not just about getting in resources, you have to think ahead, defend the server against hackers and trolls, optimize things that other just didn’t etc…

Stop by sometimes, I’ll bet you will love it from what I read here :slight_smile:

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And it’s a lot of fun!