How to make a car?

Does anyone know how to make vehicles easily? I’m new to developing and I’m looking to make this car, but I don’t know how to.

It isn’t that easy. Making cars involves 3d modeling and it isn’t that easy. You have professionals making cars to FiveM. My advice is try to learn how to do 3d modeling and then install 3dsmax because it has a plugin making it compatible to cars in GTA V so you can import and export to FiveM.

Thank you, also, I wanted to make several liveries for this other race car I have. It has the template, I’m just a little confused about photoshop

If you already have the 3d model for fivem liveries is the easy part. If you see in the .ytd the car texture just go to a image editing software and do you livery with the template. At the end just replace with the original one (maybe the car has support for multiple liveries but it may not be the case). The bad news is that sometimes the texture is in the model file so you may have to open it up and replace.