[How-to][Kinda-useless] As easy as it gets, adding 1000 resources start lines in cfg in 1min

I know it’s kinda a useless tutorial but i will share it for those who needs it.

Let’s say you downloaded 100 resources and you don’t want to copy each file’s name and paste it in cfg.

Well here’s a trick:

First go to the folder that has all the resources and then type cmd in the file directory
2020-11-22 01_31_17-Window

in the cmd type the following command dir /b > filenames.txt

it will output a file that has all the resources names.

How to add start lines to these files names in the cfg? easy…

Best to use is VSC now select all the names like in the picture below:

Once done, right click using the mouse and click Command Palette

Then click Add cursors to line ends Then you will have lines in front of the resources names, we not done. Hit the Home button on your keyboard and the lines will be added to the beginning of the resources names. Then type start and see the magic!!

Here’s a video:
Watch me pls

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This is certainly not useless, this will save me a lot of time, great job!

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glad you found it helpful!