How to join FxDK server with second client?

I have created a project in FxDK. I can start the server and also join the game in FxDK. Now I tried to join the server with a second client, but I can’t find the server. Is it possible to join the FxDK server? And if so, how?
When I build the project and start it, I can join with both clients.



so just to be sure you are trying to open another FiveM?


Yes, i have a second PC with another FiveM and account.

If you have a second PC and really need testing, I’d recommend running a normal FXServer for those purposes.

OK thanks. That’s how I did it until now. I just thought it would be easier to connect directly to the FxDK server.


You can use the same PC, just create a FiveM shortcut and change the target to have cl2 at the end, therefore it would be. Target: path cl2

Wait so with the 2nd fivem account is it easier for you? , Off-topic question ?