How to install Websocket for TokoVOIP?

Hey Everyone,

So i’ve been trying to activate TokoVOIP on my server.
But ive come to my understanding that i have to install a websocket to use it…
Now theres a websocket on the tokovoip github page. Ive edited the config file to my preferences…

Now how do i activate the websocket so that my TokoVOIP will work?

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How about reading the guide on Github that tells you how to install/setup all of it…

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How about i did that but it didnt made me any wiser unless i read the wrong one?

Im not asking it for nothing on this forum bruh.

So i didn’t read the wrong one. Like i said didn’t make me any wiser.

Can you not read? It literally tells you step by step how to install it and gives 2 ways of doing so.

Did them… Dude please don’t respond on this topic if you don’t deliver any support.

I have the WS-server and the files. And config is filled in. Just need to know the way on how to start it.


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Again it literally tells you. If you can’t read this simple guide then you probably shouldn’t be using it.

I’ll just go & ask support on another forum. Thanks for being a dick.

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Ok? Your ignorance doesn’t affect me.

Dude i’m asking for support here. Cause im not a dumb who doesn’t read a tutorial first.
You keep being stubborn and making me look stupid here.

Instead of just stop writing on this topic and let someone else handle it.

Lol anyone else is going to tell you the same thing. I posted a screenshot of the exact line of how to start it but your ignorant of the fact that the line is how you start it.

And you think i haven’t tried that? No ignorance here…

I literally followed that guide and installed and had it working in under 20 minutes on a brand new setup, so yes, you are obviously missing something. He has posted the link how to start the websocket etc…If you cant get it started from that guide, you definitely aren’t reading it correctly and missed something…

I can’t get it to work? I wont either connect to the websocket?
I literrualy followed the whole How-To and it doesnt work


  1. Download your ws_server on gitlab toko_voip
  2. Open your Ports in Firewall
  3. Is there any Error.txt in folder delete it
  4. start your server (do not start ws_server in server.cfg)
  5. write in console “start ws_server” two times

Smile, it is the sneakiest way to show your teeth to morons. Maybe this will help you.


@NebelRebell sorry to ask but how do i get my IP:PORT for ws server do you know?

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@Spenn0 You’re welcome :wink:
How to get my IP over Browserlink

The Port you need you yound it in config.cs in ws-server

module.exports = {
  //-- [REQUIRED] IPv4 Address of your teamspeak 3 server

  //-- [REQUIRED] Port of the ws_server
  //-- Make sure you open the port you specify below
  //-- Please use a port above 30k as some networks block those below it
  WSServerPort: 33250,  <---- PORT

thanks :grinning:

Any bright ideas upon getting my server to go online in the FIVEM SOCKETS?

Its seems like no matter what we do, it cant get online, even the console says otherwise “NO problems now go have fun”