How to install weapons in my Fivereborn?

I cannot install weapon modifications in fivereborn…please help!

You install weapons the same way you install vehicles.

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  1. In my FiveReborn server, i made a folder named “weapons” with the .lua and stream folder inside
  2. I placed weapons in cfx-server\resources
  3. I went into the citmp-server.yml and activated the resource.

Upon loading into the server the AR15 is twitchy with multiple skins, and at random, the shotgun or the glock has a bugged animation where the shotgun will point at the ground and come out of your hands when fired, or the glock completely becomes disassembled when fired. Could this be an issue with the models I chose or am i missing a step?

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So after testing out different models it turns out the shotgun seems to be the issue. With the shotgun removed the other weapons work fine. But, if I add even a different model shotgun, the animation breaks again. So for now, just using the standard in game shotgun.

Hello, did you need a weapons.meta file? If so can i see what that looks like, as well as your lua file? Thanks!