How to install PoliceMod 1.0 into FiveReborn? Help me!

Hello! I want to make server for me and my friends and we want it to be with Police mod. Could you help me installing it. I have read a lot of ways for installing mods for FiveReborn but nothing helps. Help me please.

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@RadoBG uhh… any links?

@匚яαzγ_廾ατεя this Might help if you have not read this article


@GEEKmechanic Hello. I read the articles but I want to know where to put these files ? :slight_smile:

@RadoBG I am using the pack from @hbk download link It comes with 2 folders and a install instructions that are easy. The Fivereborn Folder content you will copy and paste in the FiveReborn directory where your fivereborn.exe is located, this will replace your plugins folder you have now. The other Folder (Grand theft auto 5 folder) you will copy the contents inside that to your GTAV main directory where your GTAV.exe is located. Everything seems to work most of the time except some callouts are cancelled as finished before i get the chance to start. Pulling cars over works great.

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see i get issues with this one but hbk. is one of my friends but i also put out policemod1 if people cant get 2 to work seems to be buggy sometimes but sometimes it works really well check here

@GanjaMonster Yeah policemod2 seems to be sometimes works and sometimes i have to reconnect to server until it does. The policemod1, does it let you pull cars over? That is our biggest need on our Lan server.

you can pull people over yes the only thing you cannot do with this one is ARREST THEM when theyre outside the car , but if you initiate a pullover and go thru the script and pull them over you can arrest them thru that menu

@GanjaMonster Ok i downloaded from but seem to be having trouble even getting it to pull menu up, any suggestions or a better download?

make sure that you put all the files in like config-policemod chatter all that is needed, also check binding to make sure you press right keys etc

@RadoBG i mean LINK TO WHAT mod. I dont use Police mods, but yeah… I have redux mod to work in fivereborn

Of anyone could bring me in touch with Dehan (author of Policemod) that’d be great.

he doesn’t make much more anymore but im sure his email should still work , if not theres another guy who codes Dangerous Individuals that might be able to help also

@GanjaMonster said in How to install PoliceMod2 into FiveReborn? Help me!:

he doesn’t make much more anymore but im sure his email should still work , if not theres another guy who codes Dangerous Individuals that might be able to help also

Pm me his email on discord.

Although hbk’s pack with Police Mod 2 no longer seems to work after the FiveReborn update, the download linked by GanjaMonster in another thread which has Police Mod 1.0c does work really well for me. Thank you!

I’m not sure I should be linking the download here but the forum thread linked by GanjaMonster above seems to be gone now. The zip file is set up nicely with clearly marked folders showing where to put them.

The only minor thing that is not working for me anymore with Police Mod 1.0c is modded police skins. I have some custom files (s_f_y_cop_01.ytd…) which are streamed serverside that used to load when you went on duty with Police Mod 2.0, but these don’t work now. I’m not sure if this is because of Police Mod 1.0c or the FiveReborn update.

Is there somewhere new that serverside skins (s_f_y_cop_01.ytd) should go now, or still in the FiveReborn server under \resources\assets\stream according to the tutorial elsewhere in the forums?

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make sure the skin is installed properly

hi can i ask u ? im new to the game the word reborn in fivereborn , in this case , means remade right ?

I am working to get police mod 1.0c working as you have after the update, could you plz point me to what you have put in your plugins folder to work?