How to i change language on esx_policejob

í am editing some files in esx_policejob. and i found that i can chnage language on it. I want to chnge from en.lua to sv.lua
How to i chnge it? should i delete the other language so its just sv.lua left?

in the “locale” folder

in the locales folder all the language is. shouldi delete all language i dont want or?

or do u mean the sql files?

There should be a locales folder inside there should be located the languages

You shouldn’t need to touch the locales folder at all. Simply open config.lua and find
Config.Locale = 'en'
change that to sv and it will change language of the in-game prompts and messages. You might also want to change the language that is used in your SQL. If you have a large amount of data it may be easier to manually edit the columns and fields or write out the SQL adjust yourself. if you don’t have much data, copy it to somewhere else, check what is added to the database in the SQL file and undo that. Then go into the localization folder and you can run sv_esx_policejob. Once that is done you can re-add your data back into the database. Now both your database and config is set to sv.

Hope this helped.


could you please explain the second part for me as im having trouble getting this to work. i change all of the folders to en for english but i dont understand how to change my SQL file

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Personally haven’t touched ESX in over a year but here goes. Regarding SQL: Not sure if Policejob is included with this but many ESX addons add items or other data to your database this is done by the en_esx_policejob file. This file is in English. You might want to change that to your prefered language as in-game items use the name from the database. This has to be done manually unless another language has been provided for the database file, for example sv_esx_policejob

This information might now be irrelevant as mention I haven’t touched ESX on over a year so it is very likely that many things have changed since then.

hi. i dont know how to change language to slovenian. this language isnt in locals