How to get the FOV Mod to work and Carcol files?

Ok so ive heard some people have been able to get the FOV mod to work but for some reason my friends and I have not been able to get it to work can anyone that knows about the mod and has installed it give me the install path for it? and is it possible to add Carcol.ymt files for the police lighting reflection mod clientside or serverside?

@Amarte if you dont have the fov.ini in ur gtav directory, put it there and the five asi in your plugins fivereborn plugins folder.

@iago ahhh thank you now if i can find someone that knows how to install carcol files i see other people have it in their game :confused: thanks tho!

@Amarte u either put in Here: fivereborn\citizen\platform\data or Here: fivereborn\citizen\common\data\levels\gta5 clientside only i think

@iago witch five asi?