[How-To] Get the Chameleon paints

Nobody knows what menu or script or framework you’re using, you haven’t given any context and therefore we’re all clueless.

None of this even works. I am using the 2699 build and made sure to stream the chameleon camo but it’s not working. even downloaded that fork of vmenu. Please explain better

Please take a moment to scroll to the top of the forum and follow the instructions provided; it does indeed work, and everything has been explained in detail.

Hello, it does work, multiple people used and made it work before you.
I heard that there was a V2 update adding more custom colors on gta mods that I haven’t supported yet. You should still be able to adapt all the informations for the V2, or use the V1 for the time being.

It does work


did you figure out how to get it to work for qb-customs? i have them in the list just now showing

Update of the topic

The topic as been updated to add the informations about the V2 :slight_smile:

Updated :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tut, currently testing adding them all into a resource usable on QB so once I have that good i’ll see where to put that for easier use :slight_smile:


Just checked this tutorial. I can say, the results are perfect!

I also made a new section in vMenu that works with Secondaries, also (because why not).

Thank you so much!

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Thank for this! I was able to merge this into esx Ls Customs for those looking to do the same, just add a stream folder into esx_lscustoms and fxmanifest along the meta files then this into the Config.lua

elseif color == 'chameleon' then
		colors = {
			{ index = 223, label = _U('anodizedMonochrome')},
			{ index = 224, label = _U('daynightflip')},
			{ index = 225, label = _U('verliererflip')},
			{ index = 226, label = _U('anodizedsprunk')},
			{ index = 227, label = _U('vicecityflip')},
			{ index = 228, label = _U('synthwavepearl')},
			{ index = 229, label = _U('seasonsflip')},
			{ index = 230, label = _U('tbogtpearl')},
			{ index = 231, label = _U('bubblegumpearl')},
			{ index = 232, label = _U('rainbowprismatic')},
			{ index = 233, label = _U('sunsetflip')},
			{ index = 234, label = _U('visionsprismatic')},
			{ index = 235, label = _U('mazioraprismatic')},
			{ index = 236, label = _U('3dglassesflip')},
			{ index = 237, label = _U('chirstmasflip')},
			{ index = 238, label = _U('temperatureprismatic')},
			{ index = 239, label = _U('239hswflip')},
			{ index = 240, label = _U('anodizedelectro')},
			{ index = 241, label = _U('monikaprismatic')},
			{ index = 242, label = _U('anodizedfubuki')}


and this into your locales of your choosing

  ['chameleon'] = 'Chameleon',
  ['anodizedMonochrome'] = 'Anodized Monochrome',
  ['daynightflip'] = 'Day Night Flip',
  ['verliererflip'] = 'Verlierer Flip',
  ['anodizedsprunk'] = 'Anodized Sprunk',
  ['vicecityflip'] = 'Vice City Flip',
  ['synthwavepearl'] = 'Synthwave Pearl',
  ['seasonsflip'] = 'Seasons Flip',
  ['tbogtpearl'] = 'TBOGT Pearl',
  ['bubblegumpearl'] = 'Bubblegum Pearl',
  ['rainbowprismatic'] = 'Rainbow Prismatic',
  ['sunsetflip'] = 'Sunset Flip',
  ['visionsprismatic'] = 'Visions Prismatic',
  ['mazioraprismatic'] = 'Maziora Prismatic',
  ['3dglassesflip'] = '3DGlasses Flip',
  ['chirstmasflip'] = 'Christmas Flip',
  ['temperatureprismatic'] = 'Temperature Prismatic',
  ['239hswflip'] = 'HSW Flip',
  ['anodizedelectro'] = 'Anodized Electro',
  ['monikaprismatic'] = 'Monika Prismatic',
  ['anodizedfubuki'] = 'Anodized Fubuki',


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I started making my own Chameleon Paints but theres an ID limit of 255. Is that hard coded or bypassable through some means?

ALSO if anyone wants a tutorial on how to make their own Chameleon paints, im thinking of making a tutorial as its pretty easy as long as you have access to photoshop

Limits are usually hardcoded. Similarly to clothing and YMT limits.

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Thats a damn shame. Im guessing i could at the very least override some of the pre-existing colours like the unused ones such as that police blue and some of the lesser used util colours, right?

How easy is it to update vMenu? Did you have to edit the C# code and rebuild it? Would you be willing to share?

Check the source code here. You’ll like it.

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can you provide this version of vmenu?

The source code is public if you want to check it out lmao

They’re asking for a compiled version lol

That Command don’t work