How to get started on scripting plugins for FiveM

Recently I have gotten into coding and wanted to learn how to write my own scripts and plugins for FiveM servers. However when I went into the documentation part of the forums and went to the “scripting for beginners” section (Or whatever it was called). They didn’t really define some of the words. I had no idea what I was typing, and some of the things just clearly weren’t explained out to me. Can someone tell me where I should start from that starts at the beginning defining things such as Manifests, functions, etc?

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If you already know lua this page has a good introduction to resources. If you don’t know any lua grab the basics over on Tutorialspoint or anywhere else you feel like and then get to it :man_shrugging:

Somewhat of note, the FiveM docs exist to help with things FiveM specific, not learning the lua language.

Ok thank you.