How to get Names from doors?

Anyone know obj name?

See my reply above.

did you ever find out about this?

Can you find this

Try the find the object inside codewalker if it is a standard gta5 model.

Nice to see the thread still alive :smiley: hope it helped

Someone please tell me how to put a codelock on this door I’ve been trying to find a solution for weeks now :confused:

If its’ a custom map i found it easier to do a trial and error by looking through the props in openIV and then getting the coords and locking the doors. I just got done doing this with UncleJust Sandy PD V2 I was trying to use the prop numbers that I was able to get using Vmenu but they did not show up since they were not vanilla doors.

If you go into the map look for anything that says doors drag them into OpenIV with Edit Mode on and then look and see if that is the door you are looking for, most will be obvious named such as glassdoor or something around that name for example