How to fix Identification Error?

Can someone please tell me how to fix the identification error when logging into an FX server running vRP?

This is an isolated issue that has nothing to do with FiveM itself. Please post in the same thread as the resource vRP if you want an answer.

Who are you to answer my question, when you are just a member of the community with no actual standing point? It isn’t just a vRP issue, but known to happen for every build I have tried… So get your facts straight.

@mrdemizle Wanna fill out the support template for us? If not, the best we can do to help is just guess random things.

Wow. With that sort of appauling attitude you aren’t going to get anywhere. As an individual who has recreated the vRP framework for the RighteousRP server, the “[vRP] Identification Error” is outputted as a string from the player state and base files. Nothing to do with FXServer. It is solely an issue with vRP opening too many connections and not fetching the required user data for the person that joins. And yes, as an avid and certified individual, I do have “my facts straight”.

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I would rather an admin, or someone with more knowledge to answer my question. The topic is how to fix, not to burst your bubble.

oh and btw, when I post it in the actual thread of vRP, noone answers anyone who has posted it… So ya that is pointless. I spent thirty minutes reading through to see if anyone had a fix, and noone cares to answer.

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