How to fix chat

Hi anyone know how to make the chat look like this:
Do Myke: Hello
Me Myke: Hello
And not this way:
I mean, the messages are seen next to each other and not one below the other. Does anyone know how to solve it?


you can use a chat theme if you dont want to use a theme you need to add “\n” to message variable in chat resource ( if you send me your chat file i can check it for you )

Remove passing the string twice?

Hi, thanks for the reply, I attatched my chat files, if you need something else let me now! (137.8 KB)

Hi, thanks for the reply. What do you mean?

image chat.rar (134.4 KB)

dont think about the theme the messages come as block, there it is ^^

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Thanks, it worked! You are the best! ;D

you’re welcome buddy

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