How to find some resource to my server?

hey reader

i gonna try to start a server like roleplay. i got recomndetion to use five reborn. i have take down server file and fix all settings. but the are few issu first where are all the work and house i can buy? and when i log out from server. its not save nothing. pls help?.

Are you sure all your settings in bios are correct and scripts installed correct?

yes i have done that. i felling that issu is not the problem whit bios :stuck_out_tongue:

FiveReborn is still in early development. If you want a fully functional RP server, I’m afraid you’re gonna have to script some resources yourself. Check the Releases section on the forums to find scripts you can use.

okey thx for the answer

The lack of resources released isn’t because FiveReborn is in “early development”… also, nowadays it’s pΛ and not FiveReborn

It’s hard to type this out for people tho, that’s why they type FiveReborn instead.

And because it’s everywhere in the game files (.exe) and the homepage of this website.