How To Create an Anti-Cheat - List of Vulnerable and Abused Events (Updated January 2020)

Those are called natives, not events.

For some of them you can intercept them server side. For example the events giveWeaponEvent which is emitted when a player gives another player a weapon or explosionEvent for explosions.

They all have two parameters sender (self explanatory) and ev which is a JSON object with information about it.

See fivem/ServerGameState.cpp at 6f13235d01999779aa4220eede0abadaa49a6549 · citizenfx/fivem · GitHub

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Alright thanks, is there an example script on how to stop them? Also do you have any idea on how a modder was able to spawn LSIA on top of sandy shores today?

please dm me

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it could be a good thing if you can not let players connect to your server IF they using any program in Windows, like these executors, exeption steam , fivem , gc, etc…

We as FiveM users cannot do that.

Why just don’t do access control on event ?
example :
triggerEvent → call server → check role right → return to event

Yes that’s how people should always do it! ALWAYS CHECK PERMISSIONS ON YOUR EVENTS. Especially if it’s really exploitable events.

The events listed here are the known exploitable events without any protection. I don’t use any of them, and a lot of people don’t either so you can outright catch cheaters trying to invoke the event. They won’t invoke it unless they cheat as you don’t even use them.

This is also a list of events for people to realize how insanely insecure their server is if they use any of these public events.