[How-To] Convert Vehicle Add-On to FiveReborn resource

Made an example of converting a vehicle Add-On from gta5-mods to a Five Reborn resource. Instructions are in the README file and the addonr35 folder is a completed convert to use as reference. The vehicle is not mine and I linked the original mod at the top of README Support for bugs/errors will be limited :stuck_out_tongue: but i have faith you can figure it out :wink:


updated README.md for better viewing/reading

I guess it was just really lucky on guessing the names of the vehicles I was adding before :stuck_out_tongue:
Thank you very much! I was confused on how to obtain the hashes/names for the vehicle names, thank you much :slight_smile:

Excellent tutorial, was all I needed.
How do I add more cars? Can I use the same __resource.lua / vehicle_names.lua? Or for each car 1 separate folder and always add in citmp-server.yml?

you can combine them yes, i have my one resource with about 15 car addons in it :slight_smile:

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Hello , I have problem …
For testing I have just copy your folder addonr35 in my resource folder in Fivereborn server side and activate in citmp-server.yml but when I connect to my server I have ERR_FILE_COMMON ?

Can you help me?

please screenshot the error message

Thanks for your quick repply , I havent error message just say to me close game but I make screenshot right now…
I think this error come from manifest!?

Say in English “Error please restart your game”

Are you sure the server worked fine before adding the resource? and that you restarted the server after adding it?

Yes my server work perfectly, I have add-on the ivpack for GTAIV car also and work perfectly …
I see you use the same manifest of ivpack, maybe this ivpack make problem?

no there shouldnt be any issue, i have both running on my server, ill check it out and get back to you soon

Ok thanks you I wait news from you :wink:

Hi Marzxy,

Could u make an example that includes tuning parts as well?

Its the same process :stuck_out_tongue: just another metadata file to be added

Ok :joy: so you can tell me the what if you know?

I’ve tried alot of releases now and alot of add-cars. Everything is in sync and I double checked all reference.
I even tried this which comes with tuning pars and all should be in place.

But still when I use the native trainer to do the modifications I don’t see any options.

How do you do all of this with a addon car pack that uses the OpenIV package installer?

That is literally what i did and documented here

Well no, because OpenIV just drops the files into their right location. Its not like there is a different zip file for all individual cars.