How to call boats with trailer?

I am trying to add some boats to the car shop script, however, if I use the names from the wiki I just get the boat models without the trailers. You know when npc spawn and you see them driving a pickup truck with boat + trailer?

Is it possible to put on the dealership just the boat + trailer?

those are 2 separate models which you can attach to a vehicle with a hitch or add the towing ability in the metas, just gotta call the right the right models for them

I know this is not related to the boat trailers i know you mention adding the towing ability to the metas. I tried doing this see code below.
<Item>boattrailer</Item> <Item>trailersmall</Item> <Item>thauler</Item>
I added that to the bison and this is for an addon trailer it still will not connect to it. then I changed the name of the trailer to trailerssmall and it hooks up just fine. is their code I am missing or should the thauler go under additionaltrailers?

make sure you’re streaming the metas for the trailer server sided but some of the FLAGs don’t seem to stream properly like liverys and like bulletproof flags i couldn’t get to work on all vehicles maybe its an issue with which order the resource loads in ?

yeah I’m not sure whats going on.

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have u tried streaming the vanilla popgroups file ?

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I have not u think that will work?

maybe i feel like the files we have might have a ped or a car that is just not supported by fiveM so if we can get a popgroups.ymt from an outdated gta version from gunrunning i believe thats what fiveM is on and try that it might work and add only the addons u added into your server its worth a try making the car spawn with the trailer but but i think that file only controls what modkits and what spawns in the road

yeah so i tried the mp gunrunning and no traffic was spawning. so not use the gunrunning one

I dont think thats the case. As the popgroups.meta on the fivem wiki is from xbox360. Renaming it to .ymt its works fine. But the client cant unmount the file for a clean disconnect. Using it as a .meta breaks all ai spawning, so my guess is .ymt arent supposed to be used or we will have to wait for a fivem client update to properly unmount the file. Just a guess.

yea i have the disconnect issue also it works but not properly i am almost positive its something with fivem not the file but when the file disconnect theres some type of hash im not sure if it represents a file or not , but u can try putting the vehmeta file client sided for ex dlc/dlc_mpgunrunning/common/data/levels/gta5 and it should work but then if u stream it the server doesnt read all the flags

Yeah it would be awesome to see a fix for it, if possible. Since removing the police vehicles from the .ymt none even drive around. I removed all ai ped police with the ambient ped file. Makes more sense to me to actually remove them then to use code to delete them. Im still learning raycast, because thats my plan to remove police vehicles. Because who knows if .ymt’s will always be useable. Ray casting seems so complicated just to removed a few police vehicles that occasionally drive around. But I’ll get it one day. I hope. Lol. Almost a yr ago today i made my first comment on release hospital heal. Remember that? You and streetcorps were a big help in my learning process. :grinning:

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yea man its a lot of learning here but its a lot of fun , you made a lot of good work too :wink: soon FiveM will reach its goals

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GanjaMonster do you know if it is possible to re attach boats to trailers and if not whether it is possible too have a script for this?

Sorry to necro but any of you mad scientist figure this out ever ? Its my dream lol ive seen this thread a few times and never thought to comment.