How to add basic shops?

So, there is almost no information about this topic.
How to add a basic shop, where a player steps into a circle or - better - talks to a NPC, and has a look at a list of items with prices?
One shop can sell ingame items (weapons, clothes), other shop can sell virtual items (“repair kit”, “marijuana”).
Of course, link this to Essential Mode’s money and - better - add bought items to the database, so items stay with a player after server restart.

There is barely anything scripted on this topic so sadly you won’t get it unless you script it yourself

2 topics, 2 minutes apart. Consider merging them next time.

Also, get creative. The base is given by @Kanersps with his Essential Mode. You seem to have strong ideas… Lua isn’t that hard. Get into it and feel yourself challenged !

These are two separate topics, no need in merging.

Maybe LUA isn’t, but the whole framework is poorly documented.

No need to start acting cocky.

The Wiki is being worked on and information is added each day. Do note I said ‘Feel yourself challenged’. You could also take a look at the releases section, you could find several great examples of how it’s done.

Your 2 topics are pretty similair, it just contains a diffrent subject on what things to add. So like I said consider merging them next time.

Also, please behave properly. You are the one looking for support/help… acting appropriatly gets you further. Also read; FiveM Platform Service Agreement (Laymans terms 4!)

A simple working example for, let’s say, a knife, would be great to start from.