How should I layout my directory to get the stance mod and police mod to work?

ScriptHookVDotNet is blocked by FiveM. Any scripts that require it will not work with FiveM.

I used them with fivereborn, is this new? Is there a bypass so I can use it on a lan server?

Been that way for a month or two now. No way around it unless you have the source code for the script you want to use and you can port it over.

I know why this was done, but why can’t they allow server owners to decide these things? In the future it should be allowed by enabling it in the server yml.

Client side scripts were never suppose to be a thing. The goal is to have everything server side, so those connecting do not need to install anything.

I know, but that is one of the flaws of multi theft auto as well, server side scripting causes lack of interesting things to do. So if I start my own lan server i am limited to basically spawning cars or whatever but I cant use fun single player mods with friends. This mod shouldn’t be limited just because most of the servers here are roleplay.

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