How often do you crash and how do you deal with it?

I love playing fivereborn, drifting with other people or occasionally roleplaying, although I crash quite a bit, so roleplaying isn’t really possible. whenever I do crash however, I just restart anyways and continue playing.
I know there’s people who crash much more frequently, and there are others who don’t seem to crash at all, so I want to know what other people do, or how they deal with crashing. Are you like me and just reconnect and continue as normal, or does crashing make your blood boil and makes you want to punch a baby?
For those who rarely crash, does other people randomly disconnecting get in your way in some way? I’m sure having someone crash mid-drift in front of you would probably be frustrating one way or another lol.

@SirKittyMcMittens Only time I crash in my free roam server is when I die. Have to leave invincibility on all the time lol.

@harrypooter Well lucky you I guess, although a shame if you want to play on a server that does not allow invincibility lol

@SirKittyMcMittens If you experience trouble joining servers I recommend next start save display config as windowed mode. When you boot up do not click the GTA window, wait until the server screen pops up. Click on the screen, tab out of the window and then tab back in; join server. Only way I successfully join server without crashing.

@SirKittyMcMittens Starting to get annoying, we’re playing Cops and Robbers and if we shoot each other we crash… sigh.

@brad2192 I don’t crash while joining servers. I crash when playing lol. Thanks for the tip though :slight_smile:

@harrypooter I started to feel like I was inconveniencing everyone at role play servers for a similar reason. I’d get pulled over and crash while being detained or whatever. Sucks.

I have only crashed once and that was my servers fault. But I don’t crash when i die or any other times.

I only crash upon initial load, sometimes. I don’t think I’ve crashed once in game. You can die just fine on my server. Not sure where the issue is there.

@GeorgeJetson It was the trainer.

Yeah my game crashes when i install enchanced reborn trainer and try to set marker or look around the map but then i just crash and restart the game and reconnect :slight_smile: Even if that irritates me but then i just reconnect to server where i had fun and continue playing.