How i can put mods on my private server?

How i can put mods on my private server?


  1. create a folder for the mods and name it whatever you want inside your servers resource folder.
  2. inside the folder you created create a file called __resource.lua (must be double underscore for resource.lua)
  3. create a stream folder inside your newly created mods folder
  4. add files to the stream folder (yft, ytd)
    5.inside the stream folder separate the yft and ytd files into the vehicles you want to replace or use in the server
  5. edit citmp-server.yml and under AutoStartResource add a line with the name of the folder you created and a - (but dont use TAB to add the line as it will make your server not load. instead press space bar until your in line with the other entries inside the AutoStartResource section of citmp-server]
  6. restart server and enjoy

One thing. Only models and textures.


so only (yft, ytd, ydd, ydr) files?

@Wolfstrike Yep.

please help im so confused i did what you said and one of them worked but then when i try replacing more than one it doesnt work only one car stays replaced, how do replace more than one