How i can learn Scripting

Hi guys im new im fivem and i will lear to made scripts for my own. Can you say me what i need and how i can lear it (i no nothing about scripting etc.)

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What you need:
Choose a language to start with: Lua, C# or JS.
Understand the basics of the language you choose.
Get a editor: Notepad++,…
Follow this guide: [How-To] Create a basic script
Read the Doc’s
Become best friends with this:
And look in scripts, try to understand them.

The only way to learn scripting in FiveM is by practising.

This. Choose a language and learn the ins and outs. All languages have an abundance of resources online to learn them. Once you get fluent in one language, it’s easier to pick up more. But you should get a base understanding of programming first.

Lua is probably the most “beginner friendly” language for FiveM. Most resources are written in it, so there’s lots of examples to look at.

Also, ask questions. This community is great when you ask legitimate questions. Don’t just post asking how to script something. Give it a shot yourself and when you get stumped, ask a specific question and post what you have already.


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