How Get Cover In FiveM Pressin Q

Hello everyone, everything good?

First of all I would like to thank you immensely for everyone’s help. The knowledge that this community provided me literally changed my professional life.

Well, today I produce cinematographic videos with real actors within Fivem. My main intention is to make the movements as realistic as possible.

However, a basic detail that bothers me a lot is that in single player mode when I’m armed and I press Q my character takes cover. And the coolest thing is that he shoots without aiming. However, in my FiveM city this does not happen. I’ve looked for some scripts on the internet and haven’t found much about it.

Any suggestions on how I can activate cover by pressing Q?

(my city is like a studio, only a maximum of 15 clients can enter at a time, the rest of the characters are up to the npc’s, so the control is total and absolute)

there is a script cant remember the guy but the is one

i run across him ill tag

yeah, most likely there’s a script that disables it, because by default it takes automatic cover.

I think this movement is very realistic in filming, especially when he shoots