How do you use MySQL with C# in FiveM?

I just started using c# in fivem and i have no clue how to use mysql in c#. I’ve used lua before but don’t know how to do it in c#.

I’m currently using this

connection example

public static void TestConnection()
    try {
        using(MySqlConnection connection = new MySqlConnection(connStr))
            Debug.WriteLine("Connecting to MySQL Database...");

            if(connection.State == ConnectionState.Open) {
                Debug.WriteLine("DATABASE: Connected to MySQL Server.");
    catch(Exception ex) {
        Debug.WriteLine($"[EXCEPTION - TestConnection] {ex.Message}");
        Debug.WriteLine($"[EXCEPTION - TestConnection] {ex.StackTrace}");

do you know why i get this error?

That error is possibly due to missing MySQL drivers.

Anyway, I suggest you to use MySqlConnector by Bradley Grainger, in combination with Dapper, much better than the official MySql package.