How do I use RCON/syntax help

I hit F8 to open it, and I try to log into it for my server which i can’t get to work, I have NO idea how to use it, and there nothing on syntax or anything exact, everything I read just expects me to know what to do because they never provide syntax just vague instructions and command lines.

I am trying to log into my server’s RCON so I can start a resource pack, what commands do i need to use and with what syntax?

To get server information (Id of player, IP of player & Ping)
Usage: clientkick [playerId] [reason]
Description: to kick a player from your server
Usage: tempbanclient [playerId] [reason]
Description: to ban a player from your server

Usage: map [mapname]
Description: to change map of the server
Usage: gametypes [resourcename]
Description: to change gametypes of the server
Usage: say [your message]
Description: to send a message from outside
Usage: tell [playerId] [your message]
Description: to send a message to a specific player
Usage: start [resourcename]
Description: starts the specified resource
Usage: restart [resourcename]
Description: restarts the specified resource
Usage: stop [resourcename]
Description: stops the specified resource
Usage: refresh
Description: refresh ressources

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Thank you for the reply, I appreciate your time into listing all available commands with listed syntax.

I still have an issue though, when I go into my server and use the commands, they return “Invalid command type” I set the RCON password, but I am not sure how to actually log in to use the commands.