How do i install Luxart ELS on server side

I just need steps on how to do it my custom vehicles work

ELS is incompatible with any multiplayer

how do people have siren control

by writing their own scripts for their servers

Where do i buy one
or can someone make me one

bla bla bla bla bla bla bla.
i will post a video later with ELS on our server.

Alright thanks and could you add a tutorial

i cannot do this, it’s gonna be a custom server script thats gonna handle the siren and light from els so everything can be good and smooth

could you do it for me

Well, even though my word is not worth much towards what you do, I think Its worth mentioning that smaller and new GTA communities would greatly appreciate the helping hand of someone with experience. the problem with most communities in general these days are that no one is willing to share features or extend the helping hand, making this hardly unified across communities.

If people were to start releasing even basic custom server scripts, such as an ELS control script, there could be a lot more servers to enjoy.


I will help you you can find me at

maybe one day LT.CAINE will release his server sided script until then make your own or ask hbk to give you the stolen code he took

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