How do I fix the export from rendering the very noticeable polygon on the object?


The first picture is in 3dsmax and the second picture is in openiv
In openiv the object has very noticeable polygons at the sides (look at the sides of the box, sides of the axe and sides of the table)
Does anyone know how to fix this?

Not a mapper or anything related to MLO’s, but this generally seems like a smoothing issue, I don’t know if you have to select anything in particular to export it smoothed, but I hope this can help anyhow in your further search to the fix :wink:

I would recommend welding all the vertexes with 0.001 then try to do shading groups and see where you get from there! :smiley_cat:

GIMS is kind-of bad at retaining polygon order, try exporting from Blender with GitHub - Skylumz/Sollumz: Blender plugin to import codewalker converter xml files from GTA V.