How do I create an administration group?

Could someone help me to develop a system or staff script for my city? I wanted to do positions as owner, manager, administrator, moderator and helper. And elaborate a script to define these positions to certain players, ex: / set adm (ID) or / setaradmin (ID). If someone is willing to help me I will be forever grateful, I am new here at five me to wanting to go deeper into the subject. See you later…

Once you have the administration groups finished in vrp/cfg/groups.lua, then you can add those permissions assigned. You can add a group to someone via the main menu. K/Admin/Add Group. Insert the id you want to add and then the group name, if you want to make a chat system where you give groups to someone via the chat with /setadmin (id) or /sethelper (id), then you can do so in chat like so

RegisterCommand(“setadmin”, function(source, args)
local user_id = GetUserID(source)
local target = args[1]
if vRP.hasGroup({user_id, “owner”}) then
if args[1] ~nil then

Look in vrp/modules/group.lua for the add group function!


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