How do i change my username

how do i change my username or pm and mod?

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Only moderators can change forum account usernames, if you would like a username changed then send a DM to the moderators group. You can do so by following these instructions:

Go to your forum profile > messages > new message

Add moderation group

Mention that you want to get your username changed and what username you’d like.

make sure to use the forum search feature first to check if a username is not taken


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I do not have the ability to send a message from the looks of it but i have been certified and connected to fivem and the forum.

I also do not have the option to change username

Guys, just DM @moderation or @moderators

I don’t see an option to contact the moderators. I don’t see new messages.

Check your profile. You can see direct messages there.

i sent a dm, but no one answered me