How do i add carvariations for modded cars & sound-mods?

Some sort of cars need a edited carvariations.meta to work correctly. Is it possilbe to get the carvariations to work? (clientside) Its possible to get the handling file to work. But the carvariations doesn’t for me. And how can i get sound mods to work? I want to change the sirens. Hope for help :slight_smile:

I want gun sounds :smiley:

yes me too :slight_smile: Would be epic ^^

Just getting that ARMA 3 sounds pack ready! Sounds so good, can’t wait to see if there’s a way

install it client side

@GanjaMonster into the GTA 5 Main folder or FiveReborn folder ?

like you would for single player in gta v

You can’t.

@Boss Will this be fixed in future versions? I mean handling.meta is possible right now.

@CSYON Only handling.meta is possible for now. All the other meta’s are worked on.

@Boss oh ok. Thx a lot :slight_smile: