Host my server on my VPS


I bought a VPS there are 3 days ago, because I would like to open my server for my friend.
I passed the last 3 days to setup Wamp.Now, I don’t know how to find my server in FiveM. I linked my DB with FiveM server, but there is nothing in the FiveM server list.

I use Windows Server 2012
Can anyone help me to setup my server please? If someone know everything about it, can I PM him, because I have some question (I tryed to host my website on my VPS with Apache, but I was unable to connect to my website with another IP (acces forbiden, the apache config was good (I allowed everyone to acces “/” ben it changed nothing).

Can I host FiveM server and my website with IIS?

I can’t find guide on FiveM so I ask my question here, it can help a lot of people…
Thank you

Since you can’t connect to your FiveM server (port 30120) and your may not access webserver (port 80/443), check if your firewall rules allow the inbound and outbound traffic.

It’s ok I just reinstalled everything correctly and It works.