Horrible server desync and instancing issues


I’ve recently upgraded my vps from a 1 vcore / 1gb ram node to a 6 core / 8gb ram / 1gbps uplink node and ever since I am getting horrible desync/lag and instancing issues on my server.

At one point we had about 83 different resources so I’ve went ahead and removed a lot of them thinking it was putting a strain on the server however now with only 27 resources the server is still very laggy and still has instancing issues. For what its worth we use Essential Mode and ES_Freeroam.

Has anyone else had this issue and resolved it or does anyone have any ideas on the culprit? I’ve tried opening the firewall on the server to no avail and it hasn’t helped. Internet speeds are constantly in excess of 600+ down and 500+ up so I don’t believe the internet is the issue.

If you use EssentialMode 2.x then that is the issue of why you are instancing.

Ok very well. Is that just an a caveat of Essential Mode or is there a fix for the issue? I haven’t read through the whole Essential Mode thread but I can go ahead and do that if necessary.

Would that also be the issue for the desync? I know desync exists and its part of FiveM, however its to the point on my server where it is not even playable because the desync is so bad.

EDIT: Disregard, I see ES is on version 3.2.4 currently - I will try and figure out what version of ES we are currently running and go from there. Thanks Kanersps.

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