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This community is built from the ground up. Although there is some time before the official server launch sometime in November, we want to welcome all sorts of Role-players and enthusiasts! We are a serious roleplay server that is based in the state of New Amarillo. A state that has undergone hard times and bloodshed. People from all walks of life now flock here in the search of Fair and honest living.

As you spend the first five minutes in this community, you will find that we are a community of wonderful folks with great personalities and highly supportive of people from all walks of life.
Now for this being said, we are extremely different from any community you have been a part of. We are a non-monetized community that values roleplay over having to pay for in-game items or special privileges, everyone is equal here, you are not just a number, you will be a valued member of our community and treated the same as everyone else.

Here at HorizonRP, we have a lot coming down the pipeline in the near future and already we have a lot of interactive scripts to enhance the roleplay that you crave! We have also added whitelisted jobs ranging from Police, Doctors, Gunsmiths, Train Conductors, and More!

1.0 will be fully released By the End of December 2022 and 2.0 will be out sometime next year 2023 where the entire framework will be privately made and not a public version with brand new features such as auto equipped items every login, brand new inventory system, weapon stores, character creation, clothing stores, better onesync support with less crashes/bugs that other servers wont have due to running on public frameworks, faster performance, better looking gameplay, custom clothing, and a ton more quality of life features no other server will have. Stay tuned.

We are currently now in Open Beta and are looking for more staff, lawmen, doctors, shamans, beta is open for anyone apart of our discord. So come in and check out the server yourself.

Currently what we offer.

  • Lawmen - with an interactive duty script- such as cuffing with custom animations, jailing & sending to Siska prison where they will have prison clothes and tasks they can do to reduce their time in prison or try their luck in escaping. Fines/Custom MDT where they can log anyone who has committed crimes, add pictures, and other information. Bounty System where lawmen can post bounty’s on real players or bounty hunters can do pve missions/pvp bountys. Each lawmen department has their own badges that can moved anywhere they need and compatible with any clothing.

  • Doctors- with a custom UI where you can see your patients injury’s and where they are located on different parts of the body. Can also make notes at st.denis hospital. Full animations with sound, disease & bleeding system. Doctors have access to many items they can craft or sell to players, such as anti-venom, bandages, antibiotics, etc. We also have shaman’s if you wish to play a Native American.

  • Fishing - Fishing just like RDO, and fully functionable. With many different baits and types of fish that can be eaten or sold.

  • Horse breeding/Horse trainers - We have the best stables system to date and is fully working and functionable. Aging system, breeders, trainers, and even custom mapping trainers can use to rp and train their horses to sell to players. Wagons can loose wheels and can be repaired with minigames. We also offer support to store animals in wagons where you do not have to worry about losing them if server restarts, you crash, or quality lost due to decay or them falling out of wagon.

  • Dynamic Deliveries - Very fun delivery systems where you are given items you must deliver, and are at random. One day you may have to deliver valuable goods such as gems, or another delivering milk. These items can be stolen by criminals so you must be careful when transporting goods. How far you have to go, and what items you are carrying determine your payouts.

  • Crafting - Full crafting system with xp system, the more you craft, the more your xp will increase, unlocking more and better recipes. Crafting is open to all whitelisted jobs and public jobs.

  • Hunting - A custom hunting system made from ground up where you can skin any animal, small or large. You get everything from the animal such as the meats, pelt, including the carcass and the hide that you can sell to the butcher. We also have trappers across the state where you can sell animal parts, pelts, hides, you gather from hunting animals.

  • Robberies - We offer robberys for banks, trains, forts, and oil rigs. More to come in the future such as robbing homes & player owned business’s.

  • Custom wagons and coaches - You can full customize your wagons skin, color, and accessories for every wagon.

  • Boats- You can purchase every boat and each is customizable.

  • Detailed drugs/medicines/herbs - All herbs in the world can be harvested and used in medicines, herbale remedies, or drug making. Or be sold to local apothecarys. There is tons of herbs to discover in over 5000+ possible locations.

  • Detailed character creation - Very detailed character creation that is heavely modified to provide the most up to date clothing from RDO DLC’s. Including makeup stations where you can add beard stubble, eyeliner, blush, teeth, and so much more.

  • Survival - If you wish to play a character that lives out in the wild you can do that here, we offer full support to be able to hunt for food, fish, forage, and cook/gather water from rivers, or use canteens that fully work, and boil the water to be drinkable. And do not have to worry about visiting a town if you do not wish too. Everything is fully craftable and you can survive out in the world if this is the path your character wants to take. This system is fully functionable for Native Americans as well.

  • Pets- You can own a pet of many different breeds/colors. Dogs age and get older over time and can die of old age. Each dog is unique and can gain different skills as it grows up. Such as Hunter Skills, Bone Hunter, Smart, Fisher, Trickster, Trapper, Tough, Bird Hunt. They can also learn tricks and protect you from npc or players if they are trained to do so.

  • Blackjack- 4 Player co-op black jack where you play against the dealer in 3 set locations such as Rhodes, Blackwater, and Van Horn.

  • Baths- We offer fully working bath system where you can remove grime and dirt from your character. Or take a dip in rivers as well.

  • Custom 3D RP Chat, Me, and Do- We have a custom chat system, and /me, /do to make your rp experience as immersive as possible.

  • Colored Interactive Map- We have a custom colored map that helps new players or current to know each zones and jurisdiction of lawmen.

  • Gangs/Camps- We offer a full gang system where you can claim territory and make camp. Where you can customize it the way you want, with many items to pick from. You can add members, remove and have your own ledger where you can keep funds in and share with your gang members. You can also store items in your gang hideout and switch your outfits you have saved. If you do not wish to be a gang member you can also make a camp if you do not own a home.

  • Gunsmiths/Gun Customization- We have gunsmiths and full weapon customization with the latest components you can currently have.

  • Business’s- Can own a player owned business with a built in society system where you can store items, cash, promote, demote, change salaries of your employees, and a register where you can sell items to players. Some of the many business’s we offer is owning your own gun store, clothing store, general store, apothecary, saloon, stable, casinos, restaurants, Theatre’s, and a ton more depending where your characters story takes them.

  • Society Systems- Society systems for whitelisted jobs such as Doctors, Lawmen, Shamans, Horse Trainers, & Breeders where you can promote, demote, fire, hire, and change salaries of each rank. Employees will also receive paychecks depending how much the owner has in its ledger.

  • Nation System- You can be a citizen of each town where each has its own mayor that can be appointed by running for election. The mayor can can collect taxes of the citizens when they deposit in the bank, send telegrams, and if you live within the region. For being a citizen you can collect a daily reward at the towns registration Office.

  • Telegrams- You can send telegrams and save them to your address book, your message is fully customizable and is taxable by the government and integrates with our nation system. You can also send a bird to telegram someone is its urgent.

  • Banks- Banks are also taxable depending where your account is open, and integrates with our nation system.

  • Illegal Activities- Illegal activities such as drug selling, manufacturing, & processing them. Illegal hunting, and illegal moonshine operations. There is also a blackmarket that is hidden and changes spawns at different hours of the day.

  • Player Markets- You can sell goods to players in a traders market, this can be done even if the seller if offline/online

  • Jobs- We offer tons of jobs players can do, such as Mining, Lumberjack, Delivery’s, Postal Service, Herb Gathering, Trapping, Hunting, Fishing, Goldpanning, Construction Worker, Farmer, Distiller, Tanner, and a ton more coming soon. There is also whitelisted jobs such as Lawmen, Doctors, Shamans, Trainers, Breeders, Gunsmiths, Blacksmiths, Gemcutters.

We welcome you all to this adventure. Please join us at our discord to ask more questions or to hang out and stay updated at the following link.

Great place, i see this server being one of the top servers in future. I dont want to have to pay money to play a game and have fun. Too many red m servers require this which is sad. This one dont do that so it makes me happy i can just come home from work and just play.


Great server. Great friendly staff. always working on getting the bugs fixed asap. First redm server i every been on and im loving it alot


hrp is now in open beta, anyone apart of our discord can now come into our server and check things out.