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About Us: Hello and welcome to Horizon Roleplay! At Horizon Roleplay we strive to bring the best roleplay experience to you! As a brand new server we are doing our best to evolve and become the best as possible. With daily outreach to our community and go out of our way to create the best stay at HRP for you! Our LEO departments are very realistic with easy, but in depth training, realistic in game features, and great Civilians to bring great RP. Our Civilian department is given the opportunity to get a job, join a gang, become a pilot, join the military, and do virtually anything and everything.

Discord - Horizon Roleplay Community FiveM
Website - https://horizonrp2021.square.site/
Patreon - Horizon Roleplay is creating A better FiveM roleplaying community | Patreon
CAD/MDT - https://horizonrp-bubbleapps-io.bubbleapps.io/
Rules/Guidelines - HRP - Rules and guidlines - Google Dokument
Server IP -

vMenu Server
Currency System
Custom CAD/MDT System
Custom EUP/Uniforms
Custom LEO Vehicles
150+ Civilian vehicles
Civilian Companies and Organizations
Constant Development
Custom Scripts

San Andreas Highway Patrol - Looking for command
Blaine County Sheriff’s Office - Looking for command
San Andreas Fire & Rescue - Looking for Chief & Command
San Andreas Communications - Looking for Director & Command
Horizon Roleplay Administration - Looking for staff



This Is Horizon Roleplay - An HRP Media Team Production - YouTube


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its almost that time of year! . Come check out Horizon Roleplay now!
We are also looking for administration members!

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10/10 would reccomend

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Our SAST is still hiring! We need high command and more! Come check us out now! Horizon Roleplay Community FiveM