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:star2: Exciting news, folks! :star2: Dive into the wild west adventure of your dreams in Hope Valley! :cowboy_hat_face: Join a vibrant community of outlaws, lawmen, and everything in between. Check out these tantalizing glimpses of what awaits! Hope Valley RP

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:star2: Y’all Ready for a Wild Ride? Join Hope Valley TODAY! :star2:

Howdy, cowpokes! Hope Valley is buzzing with excitement, and we’re on the lookout for folks ready to saddle up and join the adventure! :cowboy_hat_face: From thrilling events like tonight’s Drunken Dueling showdown to lively saloon shindigs and everything in between, there’s never a dull moment in our neck of the woods!

:tada: Why Join Hope Valley?

  • Active Staff: Our dedicated team of wranglers is always on hand to ensure you have the best possible experience in the Wild West!
  • Exciting Events: From rowdy bar brawls to high-stakes poker nights, our events will keep you on the edge of your seat!
  • Thriving Community: Meet fellow outlaws, lawmen, and traders alike as you carve out your place in our vibrant community.
  • Endless Adventures: Whether you’re chasing down bandits or hunting for buried treasure, there’s always something new to discover in Hope Valley!

:tumbler_glass: Drunken Dueling Event Tonight! :beers: Join us TONIGHT at 7 PM CST on Main Street in Valentine for our Drunken Dueling showdown! Show off your sharpshooting skills, win fantastic prizes, and make memories that’ll last a lifetime! Don’t miss out on the rowdiest event in the West!

:cactus: How to Join the Fun:

  • Saddle up and head on over to Hope Valley.
  • Dive into the action-packed world of the Wild West.
  • Sign up for the Drunken Dueling Event at JJs Pub & Pawn and prepare for an evening of excitement!

:star2: Saddle Up and Join the Adventure TODAY! Ready to embrace the thrill of the frontier? Hop on your horse, grab your hat, and come on down to Hope Valley! Adventure awaits, partner! :star2: wildwest #HopeValley #JoinTheAdventure

Yeehaw, cowfolk!

:star2: It’s time to dust off those spurs because Fight Night is back, and it’s gonna be a hootin’ good time! :boxing_glove: Round up your posse and mosey on down to Valor Ranch at Macfarlane’s, where the stars shine as bright as the brawlers’ spirits! :star2:

:boxing_glove: The action kicks off at 7pm Central, so don’t be late! Grab your partner, saddle up your trusty steed, and head on over to Valor Ranch for a showdown you won’t soon forget! :cactus: Let’s see who’s got the grit to take home the title of the toughest hombre in all of Hope Valley! :trophy::star2:


Hope Valley Discord

Hope Valley has an amazing, growing community! We are a few months after release and have seen amazing growth and are fortunate to have dedicated players in our community. We want to grow The Valley and we invite you to make your home here at Hope Valley. We currently have many jobs available that need your talent.

A list of current open roles. Keep in mind, an apprenticeship is required to become an owner

:hammer_and_wrench: Blacksmiths x1
:gun: Gunsmiths x1
:horse: Horse Trainers x2
:policeman: Lawmen x6 - We are in desperate need of good quality lawmen/women
:cow2: Ranchers x1
:ear_of_rice: Farmers x1

More jobs will open as the population increases, so if the job you’re interested in is filled, don’t fret we will have more as our county continues grows. Use the apprenticeship time to familiarize yourself with the people you will be working with

How to Join:

  1. Visit our Discord at Hope Valley RP.
  2. Verify yourself by using the reaction and join our server
  3. Connect to the Hope Valley RP Server and learn how to start your journey

Look forward to seeing you in the Hope Valley county! :star2:

I’ve been here a week now and the community is amazing. The server has respectful players, great staff and the economy is still growing. I can’t wait to see this place grow the way it truly deserves to.


Someone didn’t say mercy :joy:


Glad you’re enjoying yourself!