hookvDotNet not working anymore

After fiveM update, the hookvDotNet does not worked anymore.

I did not see any related change log.

Any advise?


Remove it, that’s my advice. It’s been blocked, no way to use it. At all.

ScriptHookDotNet is blocked the same reason OpenIV is. They can cause crashes or game instability which leaves too many unknowns when staff or the community is trying to provide support.

Remove it and all scripts that require it from your directory.


Personally i think this is really dumb. Some of these .dll’s are really useful for roleplay servers like alfredo helper but i also see why the devs disabled it. Maybe dev could release a version so people who want to use SHDN can. Honestly SHDN doesn’t cause that many problems.

You do know it is literally 30 minutes of work to port an existing SHVDN script to work server-side with CitizenFX.Core, right?

This of course assumes you have the source code, but if people don’t release source code for their modifications (for instance, what the hell is an ‘Alfredo helper’? if it only gives some weapons, why the hell is this closed-source??) you can’t blame us for removing client-side support.

Again, you aren’t our development team, as user you usually don’t see the issues SHVDN causes.

First off let me say, I did come off sounding like a bit of a jerk and sorry. I just really like using scripted mods. Usually it makes a lot of things easier, for the player, and you get some really cool things that GTA V alone doesn’t have. Alfredo Helper literally give police guns when they push F7. Without it, you have to go through the trainer and get every single weapon. Or take fix wheel turn back for example. GTA V’s wheel physics are really gay. In real life, when you get out of your car does your wheel automatically straighten? I do realize this is just a game but i would like some more realism when playing. Same reason for graphics mods. Now we dont need to have server sided scripts. I mean yes that would be cool but, its not needed. Again I do see where you are coming from and no im not apart of your dev team, and honestly i have no idea what issues this may cause, but when it did work i have never seen errors while using SHVDN. On my servers and with other people as well.

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When it did work, me and my friends had constant problems, from loading screen crashes to the game giving us an error when you moved your mouse on the menu, only fixable if you waited a bit before moving said mouse. So, even if you weren’t affected, a lot of people were, otherwise the devs wouldn’t need to disable it completely.

Does anyone have the version which supports hookvDotNet?

If so, please send me a copy of that.



You CAN’T downgrade using an older exe… It will update back to newest… Also, EXE ain’t enough…