I loved this server with all my heart. but, with all the frp,vdm,rdm server was shit and dying. server owner is “working” on new updates (sitting in a private office grooming different girls every other week). department heads say “no favoritism here” reality, FBI favors high command and treats everyone in there department like animals. Low command just felt like another leadership rank. Now about CSHP. CSHP was my favorite department and arguable the best department within the server. Besides, leadership not caring, command not caring about theyre department etc. If you are looking to join a freeroam server with no intent to any RP besides constant bank roberies, go join CSRP and spend hours and hours and days turn into weeks just to be able to wear a different shirt and drive a new cool car that has shitty handiling/paint. If you are still in CSRP and find you are having fun, stay there. But, if you fuck up at all and get banned, say goodbye to all the memories and friendships you have made. Because no one in that server cares about you at the end of the storm.


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