Hmm My Suggestion

Im Matneb, anyone of you’ve played samp. Yea that’s it im here with a suggestion that there should be commands such as /teleport /race like what we do on samp servers. we can use these commands on our chatbox (when pressing t) it will help the server existence.
some of the examples:
/register - will help a player to register their account.
/teleport - will help the players to teleport to certain locations.
/exit or /q - will help a person to quit.

Ok First of all to get this to work you should Make a Mysql connection based on lua language in order to make a /register command

on the other hand here is some resources that you might find helpfull

Command Processor for making commands from scratch

Also there is a Gamemode with some commands on it, it will be something to start with
Gamemode by Kanerps

Wish u luck in your way!