Hitch/Lag Displayer [v1.5]

Good Afternoon!

This is my first public release, I thought it would be a good one.

As a developer, I have several people come to me asking for help with why their server is lagging. So I decided to take a bit of time, and make a script that parses the profiler json and puts in console which script could be causing server hitches.

Credit to CFX for creating the profiler in the first place.

This is also preeeety basic, didn’t take me long to do


Added webhook support :smiley:

You can find it here:

Be sure to read the README.


This is appreciated! Well done :slight_smile:

nice since some of us not knowledgable using profile now it will easy to find!

Thank You!

Yep! Trying to help out :smiley:

Great idea and implementation. :v:

thanks for making this!

Thank you!

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No Problem!

great job thank you this might sounds stupid but if i do not see anything in console or webhook is that a good thing or will it print stuff normally been in my server for 1h not console logs or discord logs

Hey! If the script is started, and the permissions are set correctly, AND your server isn’t showing thread hitch warnings, then that’s completely normal. However, if you are getting thread hitch warnings, but no logs from KLprofiler, then let me know, and I can troubleshoot it for you

ok i guess my server is good then nice script thank you

Yep! You’re welcome :smiley:

Hey! Where can i download it, i don’t see the link :frowning:

Hey! You will find it at: GitHub - Revolution-Development-Official/cfxprofiler: Parses the built in CFX Profiler, and helps server owners find laggy scripts more easily.