Hiring - [PAID IF NEEDED] VertPvP Management Team & Development Team 💙

Hiring - VertPvP Management Team & Other departments

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Before I get into anything I’d like to introduce myself as Suliure or you could call me Gabe I’m 17 years old. I own a pretty big hardcore factions network on the game Minecraft with over 500 players daily. I’ve recently got more and more interested in FiveM servers and owning one over the last few months. I’ve been playing FiveM servers (not ESX) every now and then but I’d feel like they’re run badly or just poorly managed, but at the same time I could understand on their point on how stressful it is with players breaking rules etc. I’m looking to invest a lot of money into it so let me know if you’re interested into work for me.

So, I’m creating this forum post to look for high matured and professional people who’d be interested in working with myself on this project. I’ll be offering paid positions to people who do their jobs correctly or who have a experienced resume, this goes the same with developers.

There are a few requirements that will be listed below. I pretty much don’t know much of FiveM servers and what is required so I’ll be looking for some developers paid or not I don’t mind as long as you have the experienced and are happy to do the job!

What you as a management would be doing for the server; Firstly you will be assigned to certain departments such as, staff, media, members, community, and others that you suggest.

Management Requirements;

  • You are required to be the age 16 or above
  • You must have some sort of experience or resume with evidence of previous positions
  • You must have good reputation in the FiveM community or atleast a clean reputation with no previous bad history.
  • Must be mature, professional and well at your job
  • NOTE: This job can be a paid position.

Developer Requirements;

  • Must have experienced for FiveM servers
  • Must be the age 16 or over
  • Must be professional and mature and happy while doing the job
  • Must be active and must have good reputation in the FiveM community or atleast a clean reputation with no previous bad history.
  • NOTE: This job can be a paid position.

If you are interested in joining VertPvP on our exciting journey, please email [email protected]. Emails that do not include the information requested above will be deleted.

Discord Server:

Other methods to contact:

Please do NOT reply to this thread if you are not interested, this thread is a recruitment discussion, if you have feedback regarding this posting, be sure to contact us.

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Added back, thanks.

Still looking, for a few managers/directors and developers.

Bump! Requiring;

Staff Director
Civilian Director
Asst Staff Director
Asst LEO Director
Asst Civilian Director